The performance of the Golden Retriever

To train with a Golden Retriever is always special, sometimes surprising, mostly calm in a focused atmosphere and very often inspiring. While only a very strict and often repeated “stay”, “staaayyy”, “I told you to stay” keeps other hunting dog breeds from almost jumping in the arms of the owner while exiting the car, the Golden Retriever “stays” relaxed in the car, because he already knows that this day is made for him! He waits patiently until his master or mistress gathers all the needed equipment, and all the unimportant stuff is put away. And this process takes a very long time! The Golden Retriever calmly looks at his surroundings and doesn’t disturb his owner. Of course the owner apologizes a lot to his dog and vows to be organized better the next time. Of course the calm and steady wagging of the tail signals: “I know it better”. Owners of other breeds, for example of the Labrador are taken aback by this kind of behavior, because they already had their first sweat outbreak when their dogs already tried to happily greet everyone (dog or person). To wait beside the car until master or mistress are done, without being on a leash? A treat, owners of other breeds only get to experience when their dog is much older.

The Golden Retriever is always right beside his owner. He’s not there to make friends; he already has enough of them at home. His owner is enough. If the owner has the idea to get more dogs, the Golden Retriever will fit in perfectly. But please, get another Golden Retriever, so the “spirit” stays in balance. Maybe the secret of these flowery, lovingly playful breeder names come from this enchantment? Is this the reason why Golden Retriever breeders try to unite real and fantasized characteristics in their names? I will try to answer this question!

The Golden Retriever keeps an eye on his master/mistress in a very special way. Because he’s intelligent, he knows the workflow. The owner has enough time to find his position and to prepare mentally. The focused dog anticipates the whispered command. The built up suspense unloads with the start.

Now the performance of the Golden Retriever begins. He’s able to reach an incredible speed, with his powerful elegance and his dominant movement. Head and backline form one line. His color mixes with nature. The dark ground, the yellow leaves with wheat colored grass, green reed and clear water make up his element. It seems as if the dogs’ only aspiration is to complete his task to the likes of his owner and to return to his side as soon as possible.

Well trained and handled Golden Retriever work with such precision, as if they had a seismograph in them. Lines, corners, right, left, diagonal, back and ahead, constitutes no problem even with high speed and streaming. The Golden Retriever doesn’t want to ask during the task. He relies on the instructions of his owner and takes him by his word. This sometimes can lead to confusion and makes the training of these dogs that are eager to learn difficult. The Golden Retriever demands what he offers: Sovereignty, precision and serenity. He insists on a reasonable tone in talking. He detests everything loud, poisonous and grumpy and exposes his counterpart as not up to his standards. He will withdraw from the situation if the work climate is “unfriendly and hectic”. You have to be “able” to lead a Golden Retriever. It is a mystery for me how these dogs can be portrayed as “easy dogs for beginners”. In the hand of a beginner, who wants an uncomplicated and undemanding companion, the dog will miss his opportunity to develop.

If the owner is willing to reflect and to adjust his behavior he will be awarded with the unlimited attention and unique will to work of his Retriever. The owner who really understood the Golden Retrievers learned to completely trust his dog and himself and to block out all the instructions from the outside. There won’t be limitations under these circumstances. The Golden Retriever is able to achieve top performances as not many others in comparison. But if his skills aren’t encouraged he stays an undetected genius. He loves nothing more than to demonstrate his mastery. In the best case his master/mistress, to whom he brings his haul, while giving him a look out of his round, dark eyes.

Eyes that make you think you sink into the dogs’ soul, while actually the Golden Retriever looks inside the owners’ soul at the same time.

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