Labrador or Golden Retriever???

After my article I published about the Golden Retriever, a Labrador owner remarked with a chuckle: “We don’t come of very good in your article.”

He meant the part, where I imply that Labrador want to greet their fellow species and the owners have a harder time holding them back than owners of Golden Retriever.

I thought about what I wrote and I have to say…I stand by it!

But when I thought about it another thought came into mind.

Did you ever notice, that no Labrador and Golden Retriever live in one household (I don’t know one) together, ever?

Either you have Goldis or Labis. I also don’t know anyone who switched. From my point of view both sides are friendly and tolerant to each other and also like the other breed.

I understand that Labrador or Golden Retriever enthusiasts don’t necessarily expand their pack with a Flat Coated Retriever, because they differ too much. Owners of other breeds also tend to personal preferences, however I think not that exclusionary. Owners of multi-purpose hunting dogs match their dogs to the requirements they need when changing their hunting ground. Older hunters name different breeds, when talking about the dogs of their life.

It is also interesting to see that Retriever owners absolutely lean towards owning more than one dog. There are hardly any owners, it doesn’t matter if Labrador or Golden Retriever owner, that thinks one dog is enough or sufficient. Our subscribed hunting magazine from England confirms it: in every picture is a person with either several Labradors or Golden Retriever.

The articles however always revolve around Retriever in general. Their hunting field is identical and the performances in Dummy sport comparable. However the authors of these articles either have a Labrador or Golden Retriever also.

When I ask this question (delicately I might add), I always get the same response (with a shrug of the shoulders): “…that’s just the way it is, for me there is only the Labrador/Golden Retriever….!” The looks I’m given show complete lack of understanding for my observations.

But no Labrador owner ever gave me an explanation to why he doesn’t have a Labrador or that he doesn’t like them and vice versa. Quite contrary, the Retriever owners are an admirable harmonically community.

“I just love the Labis/Goldis”….is enough of a statement.

Nevertheless I’m curious for personal thoughts and feelings of Retriever owners.

I am well aware of the independence of the Retriever breeds, value their advantages and think they are defined clearly.

I know a dog handler, who owns a diverse Retriever pack. However she gets emergencies of animal protection services. Some are not placeable and are allowed to stay with Sigrid.

When she buys a Retriever on her own, from a breeder, she only buys Flat Coated Retriever!

Given that until now a substantial number of dog owners, a lot of them owners of Retrievers, read my blog, I would like to pass on the question to you!!

Maybe some of you have time and energy to tell me why his or her Retriever is the ONE AND NOT ONLY or THE ONE AND ONLY .

I would be so happy to receive some comments from you, because I’m deeply interested by dogs, their owners and backgrounds.

P.S. I know one additional exception. If you have a Chesapeak in your pack, the Labrador often was the founder of it…

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