The Dogs from Chesapeake Bay…

When the nature isn’t nice it reflects on the people and their dogs in a special way. Not many are made for these challenges. You live in a more than one way dangerous environment of one of the most astonishing countryside in North America and the resulting loneliness.

Hermits and their dogs are rarely romantics, yet still they are glorified as such.

Hermit and their dogs are necessarily demanding and hard on themselves and their companions.

Hermits and their dogs are formed in the way that the natural conditions require.

The dog, the inhabitant of the Chesapeake Bay bears the robust requirements in his origin inside and outside. His coat color mixes on a color palette with the color shades of the nature surrounding him.

It is brown like the fresh soil, yellow like the long, dry grass and reddish like the broadleaf forest. If the observation is briefly the coloration may appeal a little fuzzy or dead but unfolds their whole intensity in the natural surroundings. Here the natural beauty comes to light. Formed by the great river the coat is dense, oily and protects his skin from water and coldness.

In the rough winter months, he effortlessly breaks ice with his body, to do “his” job while hunting with his owner. If the prey does try to dodge, the Chessie will dive to get it.

You can call yourself happy, if you experience the Chesapeake Bay Retriever the first time on a hunt. It is rarely love at first sight. However you can ultimately feel the dignity and majesty of these dogs. On the first encounter some observer mutters: “What kind of a dog is that?”

Impressive and fascinating they keep their distance and demand the same of the people and their fellow species. Rash and obtrusive encroachments, like his retriever relatives endure quite natural, prohibits the Chesapeake by his natural behavior.

It needs an “experience with” him to get a view in the soul of the Chesapeake. The Chesapeake Bay Retriever charms the people, who are ready to walk offside the beaten track. As undemanding as he is for his surroundings, as demanding he is in his relationships.

He guards his owners and their belongings, even if the owner might think it is not necessary…Contrary to some of his canine hunting colleagues he won’t forget the “guarding”, even not with the distractions of hunting. With her gun and her Chesapeake Bay Retriever no huntress has to feel anxious in the forest. Self-confidence and consistency in his actions distinguish him. The same he demands of his owner. He demands personality and reliability more radically than other Dogs.

Years ago, my daughter and I went to a hunt in Glottertal in the Black Forest. The paths were iced-up half a meter, and a one meter blanket of snow in the forest. You couldn’t see the fallen trees or the rock fragments anymore. But the three Chesapeake Retriever of a huntress fought their way tirelessly and systematically through these tough conditions without loss of strength. At the end of this challenging hunt the people and their dogs were tired because of the physical effort and the concentration this day demanded of them. Some dogs had visible wounds, but the Chesapeakes stood unaffected beside their owner. This was a day by their nature and their owner. Accidentally I heard how she told another participant that “it could have been a little more” …on a day, which demanded “everything” of other “normal” hunting dogs (yes also terrier are included J ) and from us hunters.

This uncompromising working attitude und their callousness against outside conditions is not satisfied through walks alone.

The Chesapeake won’t be the quickest in the dummy training. But his training ground can be as uncomfortable and tough as possible. Gladly with iced streams, that he can fight his way through. He is devoted to his owner. The Chessie will, after a diligent personality review, become gentle and even charming to his owner. When the other dogs present themselves in a lively and loose kind of way, the Chesapeake will naturally stand beside his owner and observe. These clever eyes are observant, serene and self-confident in watching their surroundings.

The decision for a Chesapeake needs courage and consideration. Living with these dogs will challenge the owner. Other Retrievers are certainly less complicated or we are just used to their behavior more. The Chesapeake with his aloofness and his distinct nature requires structure in his upbringing and training. Especially his undemanding nature torpedoes known training methods and forces the owner to “think in a different way”.


When I think about the Chesapeake Bay Retriever I have a particular mental picture:

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever owner stands a little apart from an event…surrounding him are his one to three different colored Chesapeake Bay Retriever…surrounding them, the setting with other dogs and their owners, accepted but not necessary.

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